Filming in Scotland, Autumn 2014
Over the course of several months this autumn, we have been on home turf with metals craftsman and designer, John Creedfollowing the making process of a Loughnashade Horn.
  • 2014_11_24_EMAProject_JohnCreed_LoughnashadeHorn_1
  • 2014_11_24_EMAProject_JohnCreed_LoughnashadeHorn_2
  • 2014_11_24_EMAProject_JohnCreed_LoughnashadeHorn_3
  • 2014_11_24_EMAProject_JohnCreed_LoughnashadeHorn_4
  • 2014_11_24_EMAProject_JohnCreed_LoughnashadeHorn_5
  • 2014_11_24_EMAProject_JohnCreed_LoughnashadeHorn_6
Photographs of John Creed - Autumn 2014 (Photographer: Abigail Howkins)




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