The University of Huddersfield is working as a partner within the European Music Archaeology Project, producing a series of audio and musical recordings for the ARCHÆOMUSICA touring multi-media exhibition as well as to circulate online and on CDs.
We will be travelling across Europe with the EMAP partners throughout the course of the project, recording reconstructions of ancient instruments being played in situ at relevant archaeological sites, in concert, or in recording studios.
Recordings will be linked to here, and different recording projects can be accessed through the Audio section of menu bar above, under content.
Stefan Hagel playing Aulos at the Tombs of the Kings World Heritage Site in Cyprus
CD 1 Spellweaving
Ancient Music
from the Highlands of Scotland
CD 2 Ice And Longboats
Ancient Music of Scandinavia
CD 3 Dragon Voices
The Giant Celtic Horns of Ancient Europe
CD 4 Music From The Edge Of Time
Palaeolithic Bone Flutes Of France & Germany
Aulos in the Tombs
of the Kings,
of Ħal-Saflieni,
Sculptors Cave,
Covesea, Scotland
Painted Caves,
Northern Spain
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