Filming in Sweden & Denmark, May 2015
In May 2015, we had a busy schedule of filming for both the Soundgate exhibition installation and the documentary film. This included capturing musical performances at both Ale's Stones and The King's Grave, Kivik in Sweden. In addition, we visited Ake Egevad at his workshop to capture some of the 200+ hands-on instruments he has made for the EMAP exhibition and met up with Ensemble Mare Balticum, one of the Swedish musical groups involved in EMAP.
We were also privileged to be given access to a number of instruments at the National Museum of Denmark in Copenhagen and interviewed curator, Flemming Kaul.
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Photographs, Sweden - May 2015 featuring 1) Åke Egevad and Aino Lund Lavoipierre 2) Theo Wyzgowski and Åke Egevad 3) Åke Egevad, Aino Lund Lavoipierre, Ute Goedecke, Fredrik Persson, Tommy Johannson, Per Mattson and Dario Losciale 4) Ray Tallan, Oliver Buus-Pederson and Ensemble Mare Balticum 5) Theo Wyzgowski, Ray Tallan and Åke Egevad (Photographer: Abigail Howkins)

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