Filming in Slovenia, June 2014
Summer 2014 kicked off with a trip to Ptuj, Slovenia's oldest town and home to the Poetovia Tibia.
In Ptuj, we filmed members of the EMAP Auloi/Tibiae team carrying out various research processes on the Poetovio Tibia fragments which are located at Ptuj Museum.
We were also fortunate enough to capture an interview with Ivan Tušek,  the archaeologist who discovered the Poetovio Tibia in 1988. We interviewed him at the site where he found the tibia, which is now where the Ptuj General Hospital is situated.                     
Another instrument of interest found in Slovenia is the Divje Babe flute, featured as part of an exhibition at the National Museum of Slovenia in Ljubljana, where we learned the story of this ancient instrument.
  • 2014-06-25-EMAProject-PtujMusuem-Slovenia-PoetovioTibiaReconstructionProject-PeterHolmes-OlgaSutkowska
  • 2014-06-25-EMAProject-PtujMusuem-Slovenia-PoetovioTibiaReconstructionProject-RCSTeam-GavinRizza-AdamMcilwaine-RayTallan-LouiseDawson
  • 2014-06-25-EMAProject-PtujMusuem-Slovenia-PoetovioTibiaReconstructionProject-XRFAnalysis-ClaudiaPelosi-PeterHolmes
  • 2014-06-25-EMAProject-PtujMusuem-Slovenia-PoetovioTibiaReconstructionProject-XRFAnalysis-TatjanaStefanic-PeterHolmes
  • 2014-06-25-EMAProject-Ptuj_Museum-Slovenia
  • 2014-06-26-EMAProject-PtujGeneralHospital-Slovenia-PoetovioTibiaReconstructionProject-IvanTusek
  • 2014-06-26-EMAProject-PtujMuseum-Slovenia-PoetovioTibiaReconstructionProject-PeotovioTibiaFragment
  • 2014-06-27-EMAProject-NationalMuseumofSlovenia-Ljubljana-AdamMcIlwaine-RayTallan-PeterTurk-AdjeBoth-GavinRizza
  • 2014-06-27-EMAProject-NationalMuseumofSlovenia-Ljubljana-GavinRizza-LjubenDimkaroski-PlayingNeanderthalFlute
  • 2014-06-27-EMAProject-NationalMuseumofSlovenia-Ljubljana-NeanderthalFlute
  • 2014-06-28-EMAProject-PtujMusum-Slovenia-PoetovioTibiaReconstructionProject-PeterHolmes-02
Photographs of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland film crew and Auloi-Tibiae team in Slovenia 1) Peter Holmes and Olga Sutkowska 2) Gavin Rizza, Adam Mcilwaine, Ray Tallan and Louise Dawson 3) Claudia Pelosi and Peter Holmes 4) Tajana Štefanič (Photographer: Abigail Howkins)




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