Filming in Cyprus, April 2015

In April 2015, we worked with the team at the Science and Technology in Archaeology Research Centre (STARC) of the Cyprus Institute to highlight the 3D modelling work of artefacts which the Institute is carrying out. Filming included a number of the archaeological sites around Cyprus including in Paphos and Kurion and at the Cyprus Institute lab in Nicosia.
  • filmingatkurion
  • filmingtombofthekings
  • filmingtombofthekings2
  • houseofdionysusmosaic
  • interview_giancarloiannone
  • interview_sorinhermon
  • kurion
Photographs of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland film crew in Cyprus - April 2015 1&2) Kirsty Marie Elliot and Ray Tallan 3) Adam Mcilwaine, Kirsty Marie Elliot and Ray Tallan 5) Ray Tallan, Adam Mcilwaine and Giancarlo Iannone (Photographer: Abigail Howkins)

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