As the screen partner for the European Music Archaeology Project, a team of staff and students from Royal Conservatoire of Scotland Digital Film and Television department has filmed across ten countries, working with each of the project partners, to take viewers on a journey through time to discover the sounds and music of ancient Europe through film.
Shooting on a digital cinema format to produce the highest quality images, the results of the team's own journey from the UK to Austria, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden, include 'Blasts from the Past', a feature length documentary (to be launched in autumn 2016) which discovers how music and musical instruments evolved from the very first sound tools, and a series of short films for the ARCHÆOMUSICA touring exhibition, which focus on the sounds of prehistory and the processes involved in the making of a selection of the instruments displayed in the exhibition.
In addition, the team also filmed on location in Scotland and Sweden for the Soundgate installation and captured a number of musical performances on the replica instruments which are featured in the exhibition audio tour.
Read about the highlights of the filmmaking journey below and visit back soon for more content and information.
Photographs at Ale's Stones, Sweden, May 2015 featuring 1) Åke Egevad, Aino Lund Lavoipierre, Ute Goedecke, Fredrik Persson, Tommy Johannson, Per Mattson and Dario Losciale 2) Ute Goedecke and Oliver Buus-Pederson
(Photographer: Abigail Howkins)
"Blasts From The Past" Documentary Premiere
Documentary Filmmaking
Filming in Slovenia,
June 2014
Filming in England,
August 2014
Filming in France,
November 2014
Filming in Scotland,
Autumn 2014
Filming in Cyprus,
April 2015
Filming in Sweden,
May 2015
Filming in England,
June 2015
Filming in Scotland,
June 2015
Filming in Germany,
July 2015
Filming in Austria,
August 2015
Filming in Spain,
September 2015
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