Gian Maria Di Nocera


GIAN MARIA DI NOCERA is associate professor and teaches “Paleoethnology” at the Department of Cultural Heritage Sciences of the Tuscia University in Viterbo. In 1996 he obtain his PhD in Prehistory and Protohistory at the Heidelberg University. Recently he directs the “Fondarca Project”, the excavation of a natural cave used for ritual practices in the Bronze age (Marche-Italy). He studies, for EMAP, the archaeological contexts of finding of the ancient musical instruments from Palaeolithic to Bronze age.
Prof. Dr. Gian Maria Di Nocera
Department of Cultural Heritage Sciences
Tuscia University - Viterbo
Largo dell'Università s.n.c. (loc. Riello)
01100, Viterbo
Tel.: (++ 39) 0761 357187
Tel. Mobile: (++ 39) 3494745757
E-mail: gm.dinocera [at]
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