The Abbey in Ystad


The Abbey in Ystad, once was the Franciscans' centre for people to meet. Not only for religious purposes, but also as a conveyor of news in the fields of architecture, handicrafts, medicine, agriculture, science and humanitarianism. In some ways, the Ystad Abbey remains such a centre to this day. A living museum spreading knowledge through experience.
Children and young people are a prime target audience for the abbey. Here are trained staff who are specially engaged in school activities. The educational activities are based on the abbey´s exciting history and the museum´s various exhibitions with diverse themes.
In summer 2016, the Ystad Abbey will be the venue for Archæomusica: Exploring the Sounds and Music of Ancient Europe.
Mail address:
Klostret i Ystad
Kultur och utbildning
Ystads Kommun
271 80 Ystad
Visiting address:
S:t Petri Kyrkoplan, Ystad
+46 411 577 286
Fax: +46 411 123 59
E-mail: klostret [at]

Website: Klostret i Ystad

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