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Vol. 3. Vocables for Learning the Aristides Scales
Volume 3 reconstructs a system of vocabelising that makes ancient Greek music theory universally accessible. This gives performers, composers and classrooms of students with no background knowledge a means of gaining a practical understanding of the six ancient scales described by Aristides Quintilianus. These scales are the best evidence we have for ‘the noble style of music that is specifically Greek’ (ps-Plut. 1135b). They represent the elite, enharmonic style that was the focus of fifth-century tragedy singers and all Greek music theorists before Aristoxenus.
Introducing the 7-tone circle of fifths at the 11th MOISA Meeting in Reading (from min. 4:24)

 Discussion at the 1st Euterpe Doublepipe School, Tarquinia, which prompted this volume

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