Cambridge, UK

Barnaby Brown creates new music by exploring distant musical cultures. He brings to life Paleolithic vulture bone pipes from Germany and France, a Sumerian doublepipe from Ur, ancient Greek auloi, and triplepipes inspired by 9th-century carvings from Ireland and Scotland. A founding member of the European Music Archaeology Project, he created to serve its Auloi/Tibiae Revival Project. His artistic collaborations have included smelting Japanese, Indian and Scottish traditions for the Edinburgh Festivals commission Yatra, composing Scottish Bali with Gamelan Naga Mas, and producing music for Assassin’s Creed Origins. His CD In Praise of Saint Columba (2014) was described on BBC Radio3’s Building a Library as ‘doing for the music of the ancient Celtic church what Gothic Voices did for Hildegard of Bingen’. His latest CD, Spellweaving: Ancient music from the Highlands of Scotland (European Music Archaeology Project Vol.1) is a companion to his PhD research at the University of Cambridge, ‘The craft of a Scottish Gaelic piper’. To find out more about Barnaby’s work, visit
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